Hello world... again. :)

Hey, all. This is Mike. 'Tis been a while since I actually used this and I was wondering if people were actually still subscribed to it. I used to use this to post stuff not particularly suitable for DA; a place for my own, ya know? However, it's difficult to keep two places updated. Will try and be better about that.

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Check out the trailer for Kick-Ass below. Yes, that is McLovn — Christopher Mintz-Plasse — as 'Red Mist'. Love it! :D


Trailer Park | MySpace Video


Workin' on stuff...

... but can't share any of it right now. Let it be known that I'm still alive and rockin' and rollin'. I beat SHADOW COMPLEX (Wah-hoo!) and not I'm thinking about other games to go to. I think Batman: Arkham Asylum is next.

Anyway, just passing though and saying a quick hello. Much love, and I should have stuff to post soon. Cheers!

-Mike C-


I'm still here...

... just been busy/distracted from posting. How's everything with y'all? Let me know! ^_^

Been workin' on some stuff. Will post it soon. Much love, y'all!!

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I am SUPER-busy...

...so I won't have time to do a Drawing Night this week. Thanks for all the love and support, y'all. I'll be back heavy posting here soon. Hope you're doing well. :HUGZ*

Cheers! :)

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Mech Suit Love

Hey, all. Found these pics online and I just thought I would share. Hope y'all are doing well and lookin' forward to the Drawing Night next week. Cheers!

Much love, y'all. Talk to you soon!!

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Howdy, Y'all ^_^

Hey, everyone. No pic today, 'Twas just wondering if you had any ideas about the Drawing Night for next week. Please share any ideas that you have, as well as other fun things I could do over here (that maybe I can't do on DA) :)

Hope you're doing well. Talk to you soon.

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Takashi Murakami Sculptures

For whatever the reason, the sculptures of Takashi Murakami have been on my mind lately. I believe the two main figures here 'Hiropan' (the girl jumping rope with her breast milk) and 'My Lonesome Cowboy' (the guy making a lasso out of his semen) premiered in 1999. They are still used in exhibits, though and continue to be a fascinating tribute/mockery of the Japanese anime culture. Also, just to let you know that this is serious business, in May 2008 'My Lonesome Cowboy' sold for $15.2 million. How do you like that! :)

Maybe I should get into sculptures... Ha! Talk to you soon. :)

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-Mike C-



... I freakin' REALLY wish I had a girlfriend. The love and companionship that a relationship like that brings is just... amazing. It's hard (after experiencing a loving girl) to return to "normal" life. It just feels so empty. That's why some say exposure's a bad thing. It makes you discontent in situations where heretofore you would have been fine.

Ah, well.

Life goes on... and I hope to find another love one day.

Hope y'all are doing well. Talk to you soon. Much love!! :)

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-Mike C-


Sharon Stone poses topless on cover of French magazine...

... and she's 50 years old. Wow. You go, girl... um... I mean, woman. :)

You can find out more information about it here and here .

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-Mike C-

Mike's Drawing Night II - Superman Posts

Hey, all! Lookin' forward to seeing what pics are shared. It's all part of a larger plan to get better and have fun. I took a while deciding the angle and perspective of my pic. In the end, I think it turned out alright. Hope you like it. Cheers! :)

Done with pencil and copic markers. (gotta love 'em)

Much love, y'all. Show me what ya got!!

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-Mike C-


Queen's Blade OVA 2 - Mini Gallery

Just as the title says, here's a few pics from this near-hentai show. Very funny episode this one. Hope you like it! :)

I *still* haven't drawn my Superman pic. *sigh* Hopefully, it'll be done by tomorrow.

Much love y'all. Talk to you soon!!

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-Mike C-


Mike's Drawing Night II

Hey, all. Time for some more drawing! Yay! The theme for this week is.... SUPERMAN!

Draw your take on Superman (or a variation of that name) and post it all for the world to see. Deadline is Thursday, August 6th. Happy drawing!

Much love, y'all!

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-Mike C-


Random Girl Love

Hey, all. I've been *really* busy over at my DA page so I was kinda at a loss at what to post over here. Thus, a pic of a random girl. Ha! I know. I gotta start doing more over here.

I'll announce the character for this week's Drawing Night tomorrow. Hope y'all are doing well. Cheers! ^_^

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-Mike C-


Sneak Peek

Hey, all. This is a little sneak peek at a pic I'm workin' on now. Hope to color it and everything soon. See? I do special stuff for my loyal blog followers. Can't you just feel the love? :) Hope you like it!

Much love, y'all. Happy Friday!! ^_^

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-Mike C-


Princess Lover II

Hey, all. Just a quick pic today. I'm loving Princess Lover, so I just thought I'd share more of it. Hope you like it! :)

Much love, y'all! Talk to you soon.


PS: If you have any more ideas about the Drawing Night, please share them.


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-Mike C-


Mike's Drawing Night II

Just a question: Who do you think we should draw for next week? I have some ideas, but I want to hear what you think.

Let me know!

Talk to you soon. :)

-Mike C-


Tilted Hat Cutie - Pencils

Hey, all. Just sharing the pencils of my Tilted Hat Cutie pic. Hope you like it! :)

Talk to you soon. Much love!

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-Mike C-


Figures I wish I had...

...but I have no idea where I would put them. Ha! Happy Monday, y'all.

More here . :)

Talk to you soon! Much love!

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-Mike C-


I want this figure!!!

I love this figure! I gotta see if I can get it. Oh yeah...life. Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Hahaha!

Oh well, a guy can dream, can't he? :)

Hope y'all are doing well. Have a great weekend!

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-Mike C-


Internet Love ^_^

This is why I love the internet. Where else could you find cool, random stuff like this? Haha! Happy Friday, y’all. :)

Hope y’all have a great weekend. Take care!

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-Mike C-


Batgirl... to the rescue!!

Hey, all. Here’s my batgirl pic for the Drawing Night for this week. I think it turned out pretty well! Hope you like it! Feel free to post your own pics so that we can connect and grow from each other’s work. It’ll be fun! :)


Done with pencil and copic markers on printing paper. :)

Hope y’all are doing well. Take care!

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-Mike C-


Soooooo..... Drawing Night not that intersting?

Hey, all. seeing that I didn't get any feedback on the drawing night idea, I'm not sure if I'm going to do it. I thought that it might be fun to get a bit more interactive. Perhaps you all just like to see pics, though. Here's some of Sora Aoi.

Well, hope you're doing well, and I'll see ya soon. Gotta do some thinking and drawing today. Let me know if you have any ideas and stuff. Cheers! :)

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-Mike C-


Mike's Drawing Night - Batgirl!!!

Hey, all. In an attempt to do something different and fun, I'm doing a 'Mike's Drawing Night' here. Just like on my DA page, here are the rules.


1. I post a topic, and then everyone has 48 hours to do their piece.

Today is Tuesday, so I'll post my piece Thursday (and in the comments section of that post, people can post links to their images).

2. Draw your own interpretation of the theme. Take as little or as much time as you want.

3. It's open to everyone! Have fun! :)

I hope that I can get a lot of participation with this. If people really like it, I'll make it a weekly event. ^_^

Show me what ya got! Talk to you soon! Much love!! *HUGZ*

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-Mike C-


Daiki Kougyo Wonder Festival 2009 Preview

I think this figure is so cute. If I were really into figure collecting (which I am modestly) I’d definitely hunt this one down. However, with comics, video games, movies, etc, I don’t need to start another hobby. Ha! Gotta love it. :)

You can go here for more info.

Hope y’all are doing well and that you enjoy the frequent updates. Let me know!!

NOTE: Gonna start something cool this week. Look out for it! :)

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-Mike C-


Dave Chapelle at Portland's Pioneer Square


On Wednesday, July 15th Dave Chapelle stopped in at Portland, OR's Pioneer Square. He told 4 people that he might stop by for an impromptu comedy show at 1 AM. However, through the use of social networking services like Facebook, Twitter and text messaging, the news spread quickly. Imagine Dave's surprise when he showed up at 12:53 AM NOT to see a hundred people like he thought was going to be there, but between five to ten thousand. All he brought with him was a little microphone amp, so things were now in unprecedented, dangerous territory. Luckily, things went over pretty smoothly. After trying to get the sound to improve for about an hour, he left with the promise that he'd set up a proper concert now that he knows there's still tremendous support. Love ya , Dave! ^_^

You can see a bit of what happened below. :)

Dave Chappelle at Pioneer Square

You can read more on it here .

Hope you're doing well. Let me know what you think!

Talk to you soon.

-Mike C-



Hey, all. I have two questions for you. ^_^

1. What do you want to see?


2. How can I make this blog more special?

I was thinking that I could take requests (which I don't take on my DA page) and I could post quick 10 min. sketches for people. Or perhaps I could post exclusive videos here. The cute girls and other randomness will continue, but what would YOU like to see? LET ME KNOW!! :)

So, take a few seconds to let me know what you think. I REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks so much! Love ya!! *HUGZ*

-Mike C-

Nozomi Sasaki - Red

Here’s yet another pic of the lovely and beautiful Nozomi Sasaki. Love her! ^_^

If you like this blog, tell a friend. Help get the word out. :)

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!

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-Mike C-


Raging Phoenix - Preview

These are some of the promotional posters for the film ‘Raging Phoenix’, a romantic, martial arts movie. I think the pics look really cool (maybe just because the girl is cute ^_^) and the trailer looks really cool. It’s by the same makers of Ong-Bak, starring Jeeja Yanin, the actress/screen fighter from the Thai hit movie. Hope you like it! :)

And here’s the trailer. Let me know what you think!

Talk to you soon! Much love! :)

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-Mike C-


Princess Lover - Mini Gallery

Princess Lover is a show that’s coming out this Summer Season. Episode 1 was really good, except for the blatant attempts to censor panty shots. “Nooo!!! Don’t look at her crotch or you’ll go blind! It’s like looking into the sun…!!”

So, in honor of this ero-game turned anime, here are a few pics. Hope you enjoy! :)

Hope y’all are doing well. Talk to you soon!

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-Mike C-


Poison Ivy Concept Art

I found this recently. It’s the concept art for Poison Ivy for the new Batman game that’s coming out shortly, Batman: Arkham Asylum. I think it looks awesome! Just thought I would share it here. Just google for more info.

Note: I did NOT draw this. :)

That’s all for now! Talk to you soon. Much love!!

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-Mike C-


Kotobukiya’s Clalaclan Maid Preview

I love the way this figure is developing. Ohhhh..... I want one. ^_^

You can see more on this here .

Much love! Hope y'all have a great day.

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-Mike C-


Cutie in Maxim

Just keepin' the cuties comin'. Plan to do some extra drawing later this evening. Hope y'all are doing well. :)

BTW, if you have any requests let me know. I'll see what I can do. :)

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-Mike C-


Cutie Booty

Not much to say this time around. The models I draw at Life Drawing look strikingly similar to her...

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-Mike C-


More Asian Goodness

That's all. Just 'cause I felt like it. Ha! Have a great weekend, y'all. ^_^

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-Mike C-


Miyu Watanabe - White Swimsuit

Happy Friday, y'all!! And what says 'Happy Friday' better than a cute Asian girl? Nothing, my friends. Haha! Enjoy! :)

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-Mike C-


Yua Aida - Cutie

Wow, it's been 4 days already?! Time moves way too fast. Anyway, been busy, so here's another asian cutie. More artwork to come soon. Hope you're doing well! :)

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-Mike C-


Sora no Manimani - Preview

Hey, all. Been a few days. Hope you had a great fourth of July. :)

The preview clip of 'Sora no Manimani' (try saying THAT 3 times fast) shows a young boy named 'Saku-chan' who recognizes a girl (Mihoshi Akeno) atop the school passionately calling for new members for the astronomy club. Apparently they are childhood friends (wow... we all know where this is going, don't we...) and they are back together again after seven years. So, due to Mii-chan's exuberance (i.e glomping him from a distance of 20 yards) he joins the astronomy club and the wonder and beauty of the stars are discovered.

So far, it looks interesting. Not too much info to go by, really. But I'll give it a shot. Check out the screenshots below (click for bigger pic). :)

Hope you like it! Talk to you soon! ^_^

-Mike C-


Image Testing...

Just trying out a few things to make the format and pictures that I upload look better. I like the way this looks. Hmmm... :) Test

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! - Ep. 1 Review

Hey, all. So a little while ago I posted a journal on this show: See here! :) It was a preview that kinda gave you a sneak peek at the show. So far, honestly... I like the preview WAY more than the actual show.

So, the show starts out, as all shows should (epic sarcasm) with a gratuitous panty shot.
The main character of the show is named 'Plug' because she, well... uses a big plug to help people. She uses a handy eyepiece to look into people's souls. If they're doing well (F or E) she leaved them alone. But, they are a C, that means they're doing pretty bad. I find it interesting that the method of grading goes BACKWARDS. F is the best, and A is the worst. Then, she electrocutes them with a big plug (by stabbing them through the chest) and they feel better. Wow... I can't believe I just wrote that.

Magically, there's one guy in the show that can see her. She's usually invisible to everyone in this realm. So, upon seeing a cute girl with "bunny ear plugs" on her head, he does the most normal thing -- -- -- beat her over the head with blunt objects for the rest of the ENTIRE EPISODE. I mean, am I supposed to like this? Is this supposed to be funny? I don't get it.

I also really don't like the character design of the main guy. What the heck is up with his nose?

Also.... and I not making this up, throughout the course of the show, girls pee themselves... a lot. Is this supposed to be sexy? I found it rather disturbing, and it kinda tuned my stomach. After the FOURTH (4th!!) shot of a girl peeing herself for some reason or the other, I was like, "Enough is enough!" >_<
At the end, the main guy's younger sister confesses that she loves him (like a lot... so much it's creepy) and decides that she wants to help around the house, and he should let her (so as to not baby her any more). They embrace as they have "grown from this experience" ...or something.


This so far has been a pretty bad show, but it did keep my interest, which is more than can be said about other shows as of late (did someone say "Basquash"?) I'll give it a chance. If it improves, I'll be there. If not (and fast!) I'll be on to bigger and better shows.

Final Verdict: C (check out the sand castles at the end. Ha!)

If you've seen it, let me know what you think.

Much love, y'all. Talk to you soon! :)

-Mike C-


Nozomi Sasaki - By the pool...

... and looking as cute as ever. Love her! ^_^


My favorite song right now...!!

Jeremiah - Birthday Sex. Love it! ^_^


Echidna - Ryu Moto

Recently, one of my favorite artists, Ryusuke Hamamoto (or 'Ryu Moto' for short) was taking requests on his blog. I asked for the character 'Echidna' from Queen's Blade and he did a sketch for me! Yay! I think that's SO awesome. Hope you like the sketch as much as I do. ^_^

You can see Ryu Moto's blog here: Check it out!

...and the Echidna post here: Echidna for Mike :)

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-Mike C-


Asian Cutie

No time to draw extra today... so here's a pretty pic. Yay! (and the peasants rejoiced) Ha! ^_^

Hope ya like it! :)

-Mike C-


No one respects artists anymore?!

Alright, I'm usually a pretty easy-going guy. I don't let too many things get to me. However, when I saw this today, I just got mad. Furious, really. I mean, I grew up reading comics in the 90's, when artists were respected and loved. The way the 90's are talked about now, it's as if it's something to be ashamed of. I hear so many people saying that comics of the 90's sucked SO BAD and everything. Um... the reason I'm a comic book artist today is because of the awesome work I saw in the 90's. That's when I first discovered names like J. Scott Campbell, Jim Lee, Joe Madureira, Bruce Timm, etc. They opened my eyes and made me wish that I could draw like them. They were superstars to me.

That's why when I saw the two covers posted here today it just made me mad. Artists USED to be the main pull for a book. I STILL think they do WAY MORE WORK than the writer of a book. But today, they are respected so little that their names are way at the bottom in small print, while the writer's name is BIGGER than the the actual title of the book. Ridiculous. This makes it seem as if artists are a dime a dozen, and it really doesn't matter who draws the book since it's the writer that's important. I hope that we can get back to a time when artists are respected and treated as such.

PLEASE take the time to comment to this article. I haven't heard from anyone in a while and I would like to hear your feedback on this. What do YOU think?

Talk to you soon. Much love.

-Mike C-


The Last Airbender - Trailer

So, MTV put out an exclusive "The Last Airbender" trailer. I think it looks pretty awesome! What do YOU think? ^_^

Girls are awesome...

...and they remain the one thing I don't have to 'wait for inspiration' to draw. Here's another flashback pic. Life is very full right now. Much love, y'all. Hope you like it!

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-Mike C-


The Metal - Tenacious D - 100%

Hey, all. I recently fell in love with Guitar Hero 3. I know... I'm kinda late. That's alright. The game is still awesome and I LOVE the song 'The Metal' by Tenacious D. I played it so often I can do it with my eyes closed...literally! (I memorized the sequence). I was trying for a long time to get 100% on the song and I finally did it. Yay! Check out the pic!!

That's all for now. Hope y'all are doing great. :)

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-Mike C-


Girl a Day - 12

Hey, all. Just keeping my hand moving. I think asian girls are *so cute*. Sigh... a guy can dream, can't he? Hope you like it! :) -

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-Mike C-


Fight! Ippatsu!! Jyuden-chan! - Preview

Well, I think I just found my favorite show of the Summer season. Check out the preview screen shots. Ha! :)

I need to get some other previews. Lookin' pretty good so far!

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-Mike C-

(P.S. I'm still working on this Blogger picture hosting thing. I wish I could get the formatting better. Argh...all in time.)