Mike's Drawing Night - Batgirl!!!

Hey, all. In an attempt to do something different and fun, I'm doing a 'Mike's Drawing Night' here. Just like on my DA page, here are the rules.


1. I post a topic, and then everyone has 48 hours to do their piece.

Today is Tuesday, so I'll post my piece Thursday (and in the comments section of that post, people can post links to their images).

2. Draw your own interpretation of the theme. Take as little or as much time as you want.

3. It's open to everyone! Have fun! :)

I hope that I can get a lot of participation with this. If people really like it, I'll make it a weekly event. ^_^

Show me what ya got! Talk to you soon! Much love!! *HUGZ*

Don't forget to comment and subscribe! ^_^

-Mike C-


  1. I briefly considered this, but... um... No.

    Not that it's a bad idea, I just don't see what I come up with as making the grade as it were.

  2. Ted - who gives a care? In my opinion, it's not about having the greatest art around. It's about personal growth as an artist and having a good time.

    Mike (and also anyone else who wants to see) - Here is my picture for the week.

  3. Awesome pic! Everyone please take a sec and comment on each other's pieces. We're trying to create a unique community of interconnectedness here. :)

    First piece in is NICE! :D

  4. darn, I'm too late for this one. I need to read these like, every day! Keep it up though, I'll catch the next one. :(

  5. S'all good, BAdauo. Hope to see you in the next one! :)