Hey, all. I have two questions for you. ^_^

1. What do you want to see?


2. How can I make this blog more special?

I was thinking that I could take requests (which I don't take on my DA page) and I could post quick 10 min. sketches for people. Or perhaps I could post exclusive videos here. The cute girls and other randomness will continue, but what would YOU like to see? LET ME KNOW!! :)

So, take a few seconds to let me know what you think. I REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks so much! Love ya!! *HUGZ*

-Mike C-


  1. (sees stop sign, laughs)

    The 10min sketch thing might be cool - at least until you get overwhelmed by it...

  2. The requests sound good. Who would you like? Still lookin' for more ideas too! :)

  3. You remember that one thing you did that one time? Mike's drawing night. I think it'd be worth it to revive that. In particular, i think it'd be cool to have everybody involved draw based on a certain theme rather than on a specific photo.

  4. Drawing Night sounds cool. How exactly would it work? A theme is decided...I post a pic and then other people post pics as links in the comments section? That would work...

    Let me know if you like that. Talk to you soon! ^_^

  5. I was thinking pretty much the same way you did it before; post the theme that everyone will be drawing, then we all get 48 hours or whatever to draw and post links in the comments. Then you put up your picture in a new post, we all get to ooh and aah at each others pictures and maybe suggest themes for the next drawing night.

  6. Sounds good to me. I'll see if I can do that this week. :)

    Stay tuned! ^_^