Mech Suit Love

Hey, all. Found these pics online and I just thought I would share. Hope y'all are doing well and lookin' forward to the Drawing Night next week. Cheers!

Much love, y'all. Talk to you soon!!

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-Mike C-


  1. Rei from Evangelion is such a classic in the sexy anime girl world - she is like that super famous vintage pin up model who died recently - she is The reference - lol.

    It's amazing how ppl can always reinvent her and yet always capture her essence.

  2. I agree! She is definitely the "Go to" person to draw for a lot of people. Her popularity is incredibly persistent, seeing that the original Evangelion is over a decade old.

    Great to hear from you. Much love! ^_^

  3. Ah yeah that new girl from Evangelion 2.0 XD