Dave Chapelle at Portland's Pioneer Square


On Wednesday, July 15th Dave Chapelle stopped in at Portland, OR's Pioneer Square. He told 4 people that he might stop by for an impromptu comedy show at 1 AM. However, through the use of social networking services like Facebook, Twitter and text messaging, the news spread quickly. Imagine Dave's surprise when he showed up at 12:53 AM NOT to see a hundred people like he thought was going to be there, but between five to ten thousand. All he brought with him was a little microphone amp, so things were now in unprecedented, dangerous territory. Luckily, things went over pretty smoothly. After trying to get the sound to improve for about an hour, he left with the promise that he'd set up a proper concert now that he knows there's still tremendous support. Love ya , Dave! ^_^

You can see a bit of what happened below. :)

Dave Chappelle at Pioneer Square

You can read more on it here .

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