Sora no Manimani - Preview

Hey, all. Been a few days. Hope you had a great fourth of July. :)

The preview clip of 'Sora no Manimani' (try saying THAT 3 times fast) shows a young boy named 'Saku-chan' who recognizes a girl (Mihoshi Akeno) atop the school passionately calling for new members for the astronomy club. Apparently they are childhood friends (wow... we all know where this is going, don't we...) and they are back together again after seven years. So, due to Mii-chan's exuberance (i.e glomping him from a distance of 20 yards) he joins the astronomy club and the wonder and beauty of the stars are discovered.

So far, it looks interesting. Not too much info to go by, really. But I'll give it a shot. Check out the screenshots below (click for bigger pic). :)

Hope you like it! Talk to you soon! ^_^

-Mike C-

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