Back on the Net

Hey, all.

Well, DA found it right to ban me without so much as a warning notification. Thus, I've moved on. Ha, I say.... Ha.

So here's my last pic again, just catching up to where I was. Hopefully, the shift over to this page will be as smooth as possible. If you watched me on DA, please take a second to subscribe to this new page. Subscribe, please!! ^_^

Much love, y'all! Talk to ya soon. :)

-Mike C-


  1. What in the world man. Why did DA ban ya? I will be following you here bro.

  2. Thanks, Will!! I really appreciate it! ^_^

  3. Loved watching you on DA. Came looking for your stuff and found you here. Why the ban?

  4. Hey, Ben! ^_^ Good to hear that I still have support. I feel very 'alone' on this blog. :(

    I was banned because my 'Kiss x Sis' review was considered too sexy, so they banned me. Didn't even give me a notice. Just banned. I would have gladly removed the journal if they had let me know it "violated policy".

    Again, great to hear from you and hope that you keep in touch. Talk to you soon! Cheers! ^_^